A downloadable game

A lame top-down/first-person low-poly zombie shooter.

Made in the Blender game engine in around a day, This was just a project I decided to do one day.

WASD/Mouse Controls

Not too many modes right now, but there are a few.

Also, unfortunately, no sound right now.

More stuff can (And will) be added later on.

System Requirements:

Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly. But it should be able to run on just about anything.

Published May 05, 2017
Tags3D, Zombies

Install instructions

Extract the archive onto your desktop (7zip is required, and I advise you get it anyway), then run the executable inside. Ignore the other files. I would advise you create a desktop shortcut for it.


Zambies V0.5 27 MB

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